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“My Caribbean Dream” Art Gallery

Painting in the Caribbean is an artist’s dream! Below are paintings I did to represent island life, beauty, biodiversity, spirit, and culture to preserve and protect. I want to capture the whimsical and dreamy style of children’s art, yet address the need to preserve this beautiful life across all ages. The Caribbean is filled with amazing colors, authenticity and so many textures in all of its nature. The tropical fruits and spices offer an entire palette of colors, as vivid as a Caribbean sunset. Everywhere you look, you see such lush greenery and vibrant flowers. Each theme of conservation in the book is displayed in the original illustrations. Below are some of the original paintings. Some later had children’s silhouettes embedded into them. While in Grenada, I worked with children of Grace Lutheran School to create initial backgrounds or begin parts of images that were used in a few of the illustrations. However none of those illustrations are pictured here but can be viewed in the book.

To purchase any of the prints below, please see my gallery on by looking my name up as the artist,(Bridget Weber) or click the link below for the page that will lead to all the paintings available. Other products such as totebags, notebooks, pillows, cups and even towels can also be purchased!

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